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There once was a time – and not too long ago at that – when ribbons ruled. No woman – or man for that matter – considered themselves fashionably dressed without ribbons of silk and velvet, embroidered, sheer or bejeweled, from head to toe. They were woven into elaborate hairdos, added to jewels, worn at the shoulders or cascading down the front of an elaborate gown. Ribbons even played a role in home décor on everything from elaborate bed curtains to suspending paintings from rails.

A look at portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, Charles II, Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette among others, show the art of the ribbon in all its glory. Even people of more modest means would splash out hard-earned pennies on the ribbons sold at fairs or by country peddlers to adorn hair and bonnets.
In more modern times, ribbons were used by designers such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior to add a touch of chic to even everyday outfits.

Today ribbons are once again important, as fashion designers and decorators return to the details that set their work apart. But suppliers were slow to catch up, until d.stevens, fine ribbon came along.
The fan base is huge and discerning: devoted customers call themselves “ribbon snobs” and with good reason. What d.stevens offers is more than a step above what’s on the market: d.stevens ribbons are made from the finest fabrics ranging from the airiest silk gazer to the rich drape and sheen of beautiful velvets and their details rival those of any French couturier. Imagine scalloped edges adorned with crystals; French wired velvets; the subtle sheen of taffeta; embroidered ribbons in a range of fabrics from country-style burlap to bridal satin; ribbons overlaid with lace . . .
Entering d.stevens, fine ribbons website is like opening up a treasure chest of ribbons rarely seen today. These are ribbons for fashion, home décor and memorable accessories, and there are thoughtful additions as well, from luscious velvet cushion covers to table coverings that provide a stunning backdrop for intimate dinners or grand occasions.

Donna and DarleneDonna – along with her sister Darlene and Darlene’s husband Rod – believe they can make our lives just a bit more beautiful with colour, textiles, details and of course, ribbons. They invite you to look at their latest offerings in d.stevens, fine ribbons showrooms, on line, or at the trade markets.

Feel the textures; turn the bejeweled ribbons to catch the light; imagine a wedding from floral bouquets to gowns enhanced by ribbons; be entranced by the colours. You’ll be inspired to create. And once you have seen and experienced d.stevens, fine ribbons creations first hand, you too will become a ribbon snob.

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